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What is GEM?

Government Entities Mutual Inc., PCC
GEM is a reinsurance company owned by its members.

About GEM

GEM provides risk financing solutions for member pools across the country.  We have focused solely on the public entity pooling market since inception. That’s all we do. We know that each of our members is unique; they each have their own needs – and we are dedicated to helping members safeguard their long-term stability and protect their assets. Membership in GEM is available to risk pools or captive insurers comprised of public entities.

Our Annual Report

Read about GEM's recent accomplishments and the state of our financial success. Read the Report

Our Mission

GEM offers innovation and stability for member pools by facilitating long-term partnerships, best practices, and public entity risk finance solutions. We leverage not only the skills of our specialized team, but also the combined knowledge and insight of our membership. GEM aggregates, organizes and deploys this unique wealth of experience. Ultimately, we support our members’ risk financing strategies with:

  • Value-added reinsurance products
  • Best practices for public entity risk management
  • The insight needed to stay one step ahead of emerging risks

How is GEM Capitalized?

GEM is capitalized through the contributions of its members.