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GEM specializes in public entity reinsurance.  Focusing on this one sector allows us to provide unique liability and workers’ compensation reinsurance structures that work best for you. And as you create new coverages that your members require, GEM identifies and creates reinsurance solutions that support them.

GEM provides a consistent, equitable, and standard methodology to its pricing.  Eligible members that meet program underwriting standards are rated individually based upon their claims experience and operating environment.

Our liability and workers’ compensation reinsurance follows your Memorandum of Coverage, and both claims and underwriting authority remain with the pool.

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Coverage Details

Follow-form reinsurance on a per-occurrence basis in excess of a self-insured retention.


GEM offers up to $10M in Liability limits. We also have the flexibility to integrate with customized structures such as quota shares, aggregates, corridor deductibles, and captives.

Workers’ Compensation

GEM offers up to $2M per occurrence in Workers’ Compensation limits.