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GEM Provides A Unique Combination Of Benefits
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GEM’s Member Benefits

Relevant Reinsurance Products

GEM looks at trends in the public entity risk pool market and designs reinsurance products that help anticipate your members’ future needs.

Industry Expertise

GEM membership has built a core expertise from not only the extensive experience of our staff but also our members’ thought leadership and market vision.

Long-Term, Strategic Relationships

We engage in long-term partnerships that are both strategic and collaborative in nature for the mitigation of risk and to ensure best practices are employed across the whole membership.

Best Practices for Mitigating Risk

GEM provides a platform for sharing member insights into the most effective pooling practices, in a safe and confidential forum. You benefit from actual member experience rather than untested theory.

Collaborative Member Partnerships

GEM not only provides thought leadership from a risk pool market perspective, but also encourages and develops relationships between members so all involved can grow and learn together.