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Is maintaining the status quo a sufficient standard for pooling today?

Providing value to our members isn’t just about the services we offer. It’s also the manner in which we deliver them. In this Summit, we’ll discover the vital elements of an exceptional member experience, actionable steps that will make a difference, and how to establish performance metrics that ensure continual improvement.


National Customer Experience Speaker
New York Time Best Selling Author

Jay Baer is an inspirational expert on marketing, customer experience, and customer service. He has spent nearly 30 years helping the world’s most iconic brands gain and keep more customers. Media outlets like CNBC, NPR, Fox Business, and The Wall Street Journal frequently rely on Jay to comment on and contextualize the top trends.

Executive Director, WMMIC

Pallin will emphasize the importance of the pool value proposition in today’s environment and give insight into incorporating an effective engagement model into organizational culture.


Chief Executive Officer, MIABC

Megan will discuss useful CRM tools and data analytics that assist in translating member feedback into action.


Registration deadline is Wednesday, June 7.