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A strategic risk partnership for public entity pools.

Focused Solutions

Anticipating market trends and developing viable, sector-specific coverage and limits that protect your assets

Member Control

Control your own destiny when designing and executing your long-term risk financing strategies

Pools United

Strength in shared knowledge, group problem-solving, and access to reinsurance markets

How is GEM Different?

GEM is a pool of pools. We understand the nuances, opportunities, and the challenges that public entity pools face.

With a common bond of ownership, and a vested interest in GEM’s long-term success, members are fully aligned.  They share a common vision and are supportive of their fellow pools.

What Does GEM Provide?

We are your single source for long-term, risk financing solutions. The breadth and depth of our unique combination of specialized resources helps members craft sound risk financing solutions for their pools that ensure their long-term stability.

By infusing GEM as a trusted part of your team, we protect you from the disruptions in the marketplace and let you control your own destiny in developing and executing upon your risk financing goals.

A unique combination of member benefits.

The purpose of GEM membership goes beyond reinsurance. Your membership provides the benefits of group purchasing, allowing you to access pricing and offerings that might be out of reach on your own. But members also have access to the exchange of ideas, tools and knowledge to best respond to market trends.


GEM monitors reinsurance needs across the pooling community, as well as developments in the insurance marketplace, to then design sector-specific coverage and limits that meet your pool’s future needs.


Our team of experts has extensive experience in public entity pooling and reinsurance. This expertise helps you to enhance your own pooling practices.


As a true partner and advisor, no other carrier shows the vested interest in helping you succeed like GEM does.


GEM provides a platform for sharing member insight into the most effective pooling practices, in a safe and confidential forum.


We encourage and develop relationships between members so all involved can grow and learn together.


Upcoming member events and meetings

Our Promise To The Membership

GEM unifies the combined financial and intellectual resources of public entity risk pools in order to safeguard your long-term stability and allow you to control your own destiny. We accomplish this by supporting your individual risk financing strategies.

“Having membership across the country, GEM provides a means to collaborate with the top pools to achieve state of the art risk financing solutions.”
Ann Bennett

Executive Director, Washington Cities Insurance Authority

Words From Our Members

“Being a part of GEM made our pool’s reinsurance renewal go a lot more smoothly than it otherwise would have. GEM has been flexible in our liability reinsurance each year they’ve participated, and have gone to bat for us when other partners haven’t.”

Ryan Cole

Associate Executive Director, Arizona School Risk Retention Trust

“GEM gives us flexibility in SIRs, quota shares, and other reinsurance structures.  Our conversations with GEM staff help us to determine how best to support these structures.”
Brett Davis

CEO, Park District Risk Management Agency